Update - 08/05/2021

Registrations reopened!

Together with the municipal council, we have been able to set a new date for the ‘Beigemse Brocante’.

We hope to hold another edition this year as it is known to everyone.

See you then!


Update - 31/07/2020

Dear brocanteur,

With regrets in our hearts, we are forced to cancel the Beigemse Brocante 2020.

The COVID19 epidemic is still raging, making the cancellation of our flea market the only correct and sensible choice. We therefore abandon the plan to move our market to September.

If you are already registered, we will of course refund your registration fee in full.

We all hope that the Beigemse Brocante can be reorganized in 2021. In principle, registrations for this start from January. Keep an eye on our website and your mailbox for this.

For now, we wish you good health and much good cheer.

Hopefully see you soon!


The organizers of the Beigemse Brocante


Update - 27/04/2020

Dear brocanteur,

We had some hope, but unfortunately the COVID19 epidemic is not yet sufficiently under control. The municipality of Grimbergen has therefore decided to cancel all events, at least until June 30, 2020. The Beigemse Brocante cannot therefore take place on the planned date.

Because we still want to give our market a chance, we are looking at whether another date later this year is an option. We hope to have a definite answer about this by the end of May and we will of course keep you informed.

What does this mean for you as a brocanteur?

  • Are you already registered?
    • You can reclaim your registration fee immediately. We will then transfer this to your account. If you wish to register for next year's flea market, this is possible from January 2021.
    • You can still wait until our communication from the end of May about a possible new date later this year. If this does not work organizationally, or you cannot on this day, we will of course refund your registration fee.
  • Are you not yet registered?
    • We recommend that you wait with this until there is clarity about a possible new date.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us.


Meanwhile, take good care of yourself and each other. We hope that you and your loved ones are and remain healthy.


Hopefully we'll see each other soon.


With best regards,

The board of the Beigemse Brocante Op Den Dries.


! We are still looking out for Sponsors !

 We are still looking for sponsors to support this fantastic event every year again.

 Your publicity will appear as a sponsor;

  • On 5000 leaflets, which will be distributed at carrefour, Makro, Colruyt and Delhaize car parks in Grimbergen, Vilvoorde, North Brussels and Zuid-Mechelen.
  • In the 'Weekkrant' (twice)
  • In the Sunday newspaper
  • On our new website (www.brocantebeigem.be)  

Are you interested in sponsoring this fantastic event? Do not hesitate to contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the telephone number; 0478 26 10 53!

(see "Sponsors" for more details)


Welcome on the official website of the “Beigemse Brocante”

Organizing a market where the “Franks” held one in the third and fourth century, is not as implausible as it seems. The “Beigemse Flea Market on den Dries” makes it happening, always on the third Sunday-June. And this for already 28 years!

But why the name "on den Dries"? Well, a 'dries' is a ‘triangular market square’ that the Franks organized on different places, not too far apart from each other. It served as a meeting, to catch up, but also to trade. Even today many communities have such a triangular square. And so also Beigem does.

The first “Beigemse Flea Market” took place in 1992, with 36 exhibitors. Anno 2019 that number grew till 250! This is also the maximum number allowed, because to retain the typical atmosphere of the street market we prefer to not extend this to more than 250.

In recent years, we were always pleased to welcome more than 10,000 visitors. Will you also be part of this!? This year on 06/21/2020!



The market is open from 10h to 18h!

Visitors can come to the market on three different places: people that come from Nieuwenrode, Kapelle-op-den-Bos, Humbeek and related communities are best to start at the intersection of ‘Meerstraat’ with the ‘Beigemsesteenweg’. This is also the only entrance to the exhibitors. Once in ‘Meerstraat’ you can also enter the ‘Coppendries’ street or you can begin at ‘Ten Berg’ (Town Hall Square) and the ‘Beigemsesteenweg’.

(See "Location" for more details)



With the “Beigemse Flea Market on den Dries” summer really starts and so a must to visit. If you are interested in old furniture, paintings, antique, glassware or postcards, you will definitely agree to come along. But as with any market some things must be taken into account. Sales of all types of textiles and footwear, weapons, perfumes, animals, and except for the catering business and the terrace of the organization, eating and drinking is strictly forbidden.

(See "Brocante > Rules" for more details)

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