Grimbergen - Beigem - den Dries - street market

Grimbergen is known for its beer, its mediaeval history … Beigem is one of its rural districts … Dries (also called: Koppendries on older maps) is a small settlement of Beigem around a triangular area (Meerstraat, Coppendries, Beigemsesteenweg).

To organise a street market in the same spot where in the 3rd and 4th century the Franks (Frankish Low Germans) had their public gathering in itself is not fully original.  Many villages and boroughs have those triangular places still … and since old times these are named : “Dries”.

Beigem – Dries is since long known for its flea market, also called brocante.  This brocante market … name it the better flea market is organised since 1992 and attracts on the 3rd Sunday of June over 10.000 visitors.  The village atmosphere, local beers, animation, brass bands, not to forget barbeque and other food are added values.
Looking for old furniture, paintings, china, glass, postcards or the missing piece in your collection … the “Beigemse Brocante op den Dries” is the place to be (ring exit 7).

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