From 36 exhibitors in 1992 to + 300 stands (+ 250 exhibitors) it took a few years. With the growing market, the increasing number of volunteers (local residents, friends of the Brocante, Strombeek Water Polo and “De Raster” Beigem) there were also increasing investments and, of course, increased income from the occasional cafes. One in 1996; two in 2001 and three since 2006.
The Strombeek Water Polo lasted the longest. Both the Water Polo and “De Raster” received a fixed share of the profit.
Since 1997, there has been a fixed distribution of profits to a specific charity… originally every 2 years and since 2003, annually.

In 2020, the market was not organized due to the Corona pandemic and could not even take place 3 times: June and September 2020 and June 2021. In the end there was a "health option" to organize in September 2021.
It immediately became a new beginning (!) with a new partner, the Rochussen. This instead of the water polo. Together with De Raster, the profits for 2021 and 2022 will be a double charity and with direct participation in both organizations and operations.

Finally, the board was also renewed in 2020 with an increased contribution from Beigem and the old friends of the Brocante.

1997 : "Den Diepen Boomgaard" Grimbergen

1999 : "Eigen thuis" Grimbergen

2001 : "Speelwerking – inclusie Vlaanderen"

2003 : "Den Diepen Boomgaard" Grimbergen

2004 ; "Opvang vzw." Strombeek

2005 : "Levedale nv." Meise

2006 : "De Raster vzw." Beigem

2007 : "IMSO" begeleiding MS Melsbroek

2008 : "vzw. Pinocchio" Neder-over-Heembeek

2009 : "vzw. Ziekenhuisclowns" VI Brabant

2010 : "De Raster vzw." Beigem

2011 : "Swimming club" Strombeek jeugdwerking waterpolo

2012 : "Rode Kruis" Grimbergen

2013 : "De Raster vzw." Beigem

2014 : "Topaz vzw." Wemmel

2015 : "Swimming club" Strombeek jeugdwerking waterpolo

2016 : "Levedale vzw' Wolvertem-Meise

2017 : "De Raster vzw." Beigem
2018 : "Villa N.J.A.M." Strombeek
2019 : "Mali-Kanu" Hombeek
2021 : "partipatory profit distribution"
2022 "partipatory profit distribution"